How do I contact By Lyna Lim?
You can contact us with your enquiries via email at hello@bylynalim.com.au
Who creates the illustrations?
All illustrations are created by Melbourne artist, Lyna Lim, and is copyright of Lyna Lim.
Where are your prints printed?
We are proud to support small and local businesses like ours so all our prints are printed locally in Melbourne by an absolutely amazing and professional team. 
What paper is your prints printed on?
Prints are all printed on top quality paper which is acid-free and lignin-free with a smooth, minimal texture and matte finish. Printed on 300 gsm, 100% cotton rag archival paper, results in the highest quality reproduction print of the original artwork. 
What sizes are prints available in?
Prints are available in two sizes to perfectly fit different spaces, which are A4 and A3. The dimensions are:
  • A4 print: 210mm (w) x 297mm (h)
  • A3 print: 297mm (w) x 420mm (h)
Custom, smaller or larger sizes are available upon request. Send your enquiries via the contact page or email at hello@bylynalim.com.au
Do you offer framing with the prints?
For sure! The option to add a custom frame can be done when you're selecting a print. Again, we love small and local so our beautifully crafted frames are by a local framer.
The Victorian Ash timber frame is natural and has unique grains and varies slightly in tone / colour. The Black and White frame options have a smooth finish with no visible grains. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
How do I clean the frames?
If dust collects on the frames, just use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove the dust. If there are any marks on the white frame, a tiny amount of diluted Jif or soapy water usually works. Make sure it is diluted as it doesn't need much. Always try a spot on the back of the frame first where it's not visible to ensure no damage to the finish.
What sizes are the frames?
There are two sized frames, one to fit each A4 and A3 print size. These frame sizes have been specifically selected as they allow for each artwork to breathe with a balance of white space. The dimensions for each frame are:
  • A4 print frame: 300mm (w) x 385mm (h) x 20mm (d)
  • A3 print frame: 385mm (w) x 510mm (h) x 20mm (d)
Custom, smaller or larger sizes are available upon request. Send your enquiries via the contact page or email at hello@bylynalim.com.au
What's the currency on the website?
All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
Do you offer custom illustrations / commissions?
Absolutely. Please email your brief and any specific details to hello@bylynalim.com.au. Price upon application.
Can I post photos of my purchased artwork? 
Definitely! It's such a pleasure to see photos of the illustrations and prints in their new home. Just a small request to kindly tag us in your post. We would be greatly appreciated. 
  • Instagram: @bylynalim
  • Facebook: @bylynalim
  • Website: bylynalim.com.au
What do I do if my artwork arrives damaged?
That's not what we want! Please email us within 24 hours of receiving your purchase via hello@bylynalim.com.au, with your order number and photos of the damaged packaging and product.
Do you wholesale?
We're so flattered, thank you. Appreciate the thought and would love to discuss wholesale opportunities with likeminded stockists, so please contact us via email at hello@bylynalim.com.au. We would love to speak with you.
What are your environmental values?
Before creating By Lyna Lim, we wanted to ensure the impact we were about to potentially have on the environment was minimised in particular in packaging and shipping. So we're proud to be working with other local businesses sharing the same values to limit the impact on the environment with the use of recycled materials, sustainability sourced products as well as some suppliers who choose to create their products with vegetable based inks and green electricity, and are FSC Certified or B Corp Certified. We are always on the hunt to work with other likeminded local businesses to ensure we delivery quality products for you and also taking care of our planet.
All By Lyna Lim illustrations and prints are protected by copyright of artist Lyna Lim and cannot be reproduced, scanned, printed or photographed for commercial purposes nor used to create new products, digitally or otherwise without prior permission of the artist Lyna Lim. Purchasing any By Lyna Lim illustrations / prints does not entitle the artwork to be reproduced or sold. 
By Lyna Lim ABN 77 874 983 415